It’s hard to predict the future, but sometimes things are clearer than others. Let’s look out maybe 3-5 years or so. Just about every student has an iPad-like mobile device that’s pervasively connected to the Internet/cloud. Here are two possible sets of “class materials” for a typical art history major:

  • Other similar books, for art and other classes. Cost: high. Weight: tremendous

  • Pervasively-connected iPad-like mobile device. List Price (future): $200. Weight: 1-2 pounds
  • Art Authority and other similar apps. List Price (current): $10. Weight: 0
  • Other similar apps, iBooks and sites, for art and other classes. Cost: low. Weight: 0


A pretty unbalanced picture, huh? We’re very happy to be helping to make the lighter side a reality sooner rather than later.