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Prints on Demand

More art to more people in more ways! That’s our mantra here at Art Authority, and today is a big day in that respect. Today we’re formally introducing “Prints on Demand.” Most of you have used our Art Authority app line to look at, explore, enjoy and learn about great art. With Prints on Demand, you can now hang great art on your walls too.

Prints on Demand is integrated directly into a new, just-out version of Art Authority for iPad (version 4.7, which includes other great new features we’ll blog about shortly). It’s also available through a standalone Web site, Either way, when looking at a work, just hit the ORDER button and you can customize and purchase your own print of the work. You can specify size, paper type (including a canvas option) and frame, to get that just-right look.


Prints on Demad is a direct result of our previously announced partnership with Bridgeman Art Library and The Image Collective. Bridgeman provides the ultra-high resolution image needed to create a print-quality version of the work (thousands of pixels on each side). The Image Collective uses their expertise and high-end equipment to actually produce the print.

We’re starting the service today with a couple hundred all-time classic works, but will rapidly be expanding that number into the thousands through Bridgeman’s extensive collection. The service is initially available throughout the US, and we plan to add Canada within the next month, with other countries after that.

So, update your version of Art Authority for iPad to 4.7, or go to And get more art in more ways right now.


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