We are pleased to announce Art Authority for iPad version 4.10.1. Here’s what’s new:

  • Increased resolution for iPad Pro. If you have an iPad Pro, check out in particular the thumbnail arrays.
  • Spotlight search now includes titles of previously-viewed works. Once you’ve viewed a work in the app, any Spotlight search you do (from the iPad’s home screen) will include that work’s title in the list, letting you jump directly to that work in the app. You can also search by artist, location and period.
  • Many additional works (now 100,000+), artists (1500+), and locations (900+). Thanks especially to our interns here. New artists have been added based on our ongoing study of the Western world’s most significant ones.
  • New subject: Shakespeare. Being based in Ashland, Oregon, home of the world-renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival, it was about time we did this!


Art Authority for iPad 4.10.1 is a free update, available from the App Store today.