As indicated in previous posts, we’ve been upgrading the virtual museum that our Art Authority app presents on the new iPad’s retina display. It turns out there are an awful lot of components to that museum. You’ve seen some of the overall room upgrades in previous posts, but we thought you might like to see some of the details.

One of the most important components of any museum is its lighting. Here’s the lighting upgrade from the Impressionism room (don’t forget to click on the image itself for the pixel-by-pixel representation).


We’re guessing you can tell which were the old lights and which the new ones. Framing makes a big difference too. Here are the upgraded frames and plaques from the Baroque room:


Wallpaper literally sets the tone for a whole room, in this case the Romanticism room:


The upgrade to the bench in the Baroque room is so realistic that you can see why it’s roped off for the time being. It would be awfully uncomfortable!


Finally, we’ve made all the “getting around” signs clearer, such as this one from the American room: