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Art, society, and social networking

Art and society have been linked for as long as there have been art and society. Art has been a part of society, and society has been a part of art.

Art Authority is a great example. As Apple iDevices have become a part of society, so has Art Authority. We love it when people come up to us at shows and say how much they’ve enjoyed or learned from the app. But we also want society to become a part of Art Authority.

As announced this week, we’re going to help you hang great art on your wall, making classic art available to classic society in a classic way. But we also want to help make classic art available to new society in new ways.

Apple has recently integrated new social networking features into iOS 6, and we’ve added these to Art Authority for iPad. You can now easily post works you love to your Twitter or Facebook account. Just tap a button while looking at any work in the app, and tweet or post that work, complete with your thoughts and comments.


And we’re going further. We’re introducing our own, art-specific social network site: Not only does our community site give you Web-based access to the same 55,000+ works of art as the app, but it lets you comment on and rate those works (and their artists and locations) in various ways. You can even keep track of which works you’ve seen “in real life.”


Speaking of “real life,” the site is signing up a number of “real” art authorities to provide expert commentary. We’ve also integrated Prints on Demand into the site, so if you see a work you really love, you can get a customized framed print for your wall. And this blog is now part of the site too!

Of course we plan to add lots of additional features in the future, such as forums and art news. But we think what’s here today is a great start, and we’re looking forward to seeing what society thinks of the whole thing. So please do check out and let us know!



  1. Larry Marshall on October 11, 2012 at 2:05 am

    I’m an Ashlander, also an art collector, who began my interest while working as a teen in the New York Public Library’s Fine Art & Rare Art dept.. I’m very impressed and very proud that this wonderful art-oriented app has been developed locally and that it has been very successful.Couple of questions in using it on my IPads 2:1. Does the Ken Burns feature have any audible info, similar to,his,great documentaries? Also, when it revolves around an image, is it arbitrary as to which study area it focuses on?2. With the Add Music feature, although it accesses my IPod Music, but doesn’t proceed to play it.Larry MarshallAshland

  2. Art Authority on November 1, 2012 at 5:41 pm

    Thanks for your feedback. The Ken Burns effect does not include audio commentary of any sort, it’s just a technique he pioneered, which zooms and pans back and forth. You should also be able to play music with it if you would like. Music only plays while the show is playing as well.

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