The FBI announced yesterday that it had made significant progress towards solving the greatest art theft of all time: the 1990 heist of 13 major works from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. 23 years to the day later, the FBI is definitely getting closer, with the help of a $5 million award “for information that leads directly to the recovery of all of our items in good condition.”

This is where you and Art Authority can come in. By running the app on an iPad with a retina display, you can view images of these works in as much detail as just about anyone else in the world; perhaps even as much detail as the FBI themselves. Who knows, maybe there’s a missed clue there somewhere. Regardless, you can certainly enjoy some great and historic works of art while dreaming of riches at the same time.

Stolen works included in Art Authority in high resolution are:

  • Degas, La Sortie de Pesage
  • Govaert Flinck, Landscape with an Obelisk, 1638
  • Manet, Chez Tortoni, 1878–1880
  • Rembrandt, Self-Portrait, c. 1634
  • Rembrandt, The Storm on the Sea of Galilee, 1633
  • Rembrandt, A Lady and Gentleman in Black, 1633
  • Vermeer, The Concert, c. 1664