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Have You Tried 'Art Near Me' on Art Authority for iPad?

We know some of the features of Art Authority may be hiding from you. So we decided to put together a few demos to help you unlock more of the joy in Art Authority for iPad. This post covers Art Authority’s geolocation feature, Art Near Me.

Art Near Me is particularly great if you are trying to decide which museum (or which section of a large museum) you might like to visit while traveling in a specific area.

Imagine relaxing with your iPad in a San Francisco hotel the night before the last day of an event at the Moscone Center. You know that after the event is finished, you have about six hours to kill before getting back to the San Francisco airport. You bring up Art Authority and use Art Near Me to identify works of art within a 50 mile radius of your present location.

Begin by opening up the Directory, and then selecting “Location” on the lower right hand corner. Then continue as shown.


While browsing, you notice that several of the paintings you would like to see in-person are located at the Berkeley Art Museum at the University of California, Berkeley.


You tap on the location hyperlink to bring up the ‘About This Location’ browser of the museum’s website.


You note the museum hours.  On Wednesdays, they are open until 5:00 pm.


Enough time to get back across the Bay Bridge to the airport for your 10:00 pm flight to Portland, Oregon?

Video: Using Art Near Me



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