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Changes in Art Authority for iPad 4.8

Art Authority for iPad 4.8 is a major new release of our #1 classic art viewing app. It adds the groundbreaking “Art Real Size” feature, along with some changes in the way you get around. For long-time Art Authority for iPad users, we thought we’d list  the getting-around changes you might want to be aware of. When we went to add the cool “Art Real Size”, we realized that the way people got around within the various “shows” could use some improvement, particularly when viewing framed art (which is where you get to “Art Real Size” as well as “Art Like This”). So we replaced the gear button in that view with a pull-down menu, and made a few other changes as well. Here’s a list:

  • The gear button is replaced with a pull-down menu, which is used to get to the thumbnail grid, “Art Like This” and the new “Art Real Size”
  • A single tap on the framed work of art also gets you to “Art Real Size”. Another single tap will get you back.
  • Double-tap, or pinch-zoom, on the framed work takes you to the full-screen view (even if viewing “Art Real Size”)
  • In addition to flicking, you can now go to the previous or next work of art by tapping the very left or very right of the screen (as you do in the iBooks app)
  • If you want to go to the first work in a show, tap above the filmstrip and then tap the first image in the filmstrip.
  • You can of course push the pull-down menu up out of the way when you’re not using it.

An additional nice new feature in Art Authority for iPad 4.8 is that you can now flick from room to room. So for instance, flick left to go from the main room to the Early room. Then from Early to Renaissance. Etc. Check the Art Authority for iPad Users Guide for all the details of getting around Art Authority for iPad.

Night Watch Night Watch with Art Real Size

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