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Art Authority adds access to videos

Art Authority for iPad now includes access to Internet-based videos for over 500 of its major works. Wrapping up a year’s worth of new features, Art Authority for iPad 4.9.1 provides the ability to view short, information-packed videos about the works, their environment, historic context and more. Many of the videos are produced by the museums in which the actual works hang, as well as by Khan Academy and other educational institutions.

Works with available videos display a new video button in their information plaque. Tapping that button downloads and brings  the video up full-screen. Internet access and at least iOS 6 are required to view the videos.


The main directory also includes an option to view a show that includes all works from the Art Authority database that have an associated video. And each room’s Overview section includes a similar show for works in that room’s period. So if you want to browse all the videos associated with works from the Renaissance, it’s really easy to do (there are currently over 160 such videos).


Videos are also available in Art Authority K-12 for iPad, for age-appropriate works.



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