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Art Authority + Bridgeman Art Library = more art more ways

Today we’re announcing a broad partnership with the world-renown Bridgeman Art Library, the end result of which will mean a whole bunch more art available in more ways to more art lovers.

Here at Art Authority we’re proud of the fact that we’ve been collecting great art and making it available through great apps for almost a decade. Well Bridgeman has been doing much the same for four decades now! We’re proud of Art Authority’s collection which brings you access to over 50,000 works of art. Well Bridgeman’s collection is measured in the hundreds of thousands! We’re proud of our high-resolution, retina-display-quality works. Bridgeman’s are print quality, which are higher resolution still.

And now we’re proud that we’re going to be able to bring much of Bridgeman’s collection to you, through future versions of Art Authority!

And there’s more. We’ve added a third partner, printing experts The Image Collective (TIC). Through TIC, we and Bridgeman will not only bring more of you more art, but we’ll bring it to you in more ways. In particular, you’ll now be able to hang Art Authority art on your walls. Through both the app and a new print-on-demand Web site, if you see a work you want on your wall, you’ll be able to purchase a framed, high-quality reproduction and have it shipped directly to you in the U.S. and Canada.


Art Authority print services, available this summer, will be the first tangible outcome of our partnership with Bridgeman and TIC. Stay tuned for further details on this and other exciting results of this amazing art alliance in the days and weeks ahead.

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