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Answer to Fun with Art Authority Trivia #2

Everyone who took a stab at this one (https://artauthority.net/fun-with-art-authority-trivia-2) correctly identified Screenshot #3 as not being from the Renaissance.  @DarienSkabarien is the winner of the iTunes/App Store gift code.

Search for these Artists and paintings in Art Authority to explore the works in more detail. 

  • Screenshot 1- Francois Clouet, Portrait of Francis I, King of France
  • Screenshot 2- Picro Della Francesca, Head of Angel
  • Screenshot 3- Andrei Rublev, Archangel Michael
  • Screenshot 4- Adrianen Isenbrant, Rest During Flight to Egypt
  • Screenshot 5- Ercole de’ Roberti, Portrait of Ginevra Bentivoglio


All Versions of Art Authority 50% off for Black Friday

Ashland, Oregon – Open Door Networks Inc. and Project A Inc. (“We-Envision”) today announced that, in concert with Apple’s “Every gift list has its day” sales event, all versions of their “Top 10” reference and educational app, Art Authority, will be on sale for half price on Black Friday, November 25, 2011. Art Authority for iPad and Art Authority for Mac will be priced at $4.99, and Art Authority for iPhone at $3.99, each 50% off through the App Store.

Art Authority for iPad, the #3 top-grossing and #7 top-selling reference app for 2010, was specifically designed for Apple’s groundbreaking tablet, bringing 55,000 high-resolution classic works of art to iPad users’ fingertips. Hailed as “an experience unlike any other” and “visually dazzling,” the app stunningly displays paintings and sculptures by over 1000 major western artists from ancient times through current-day. The app is in use by Seton Hill University in multiple art classes, and under evaluation by many other educational institutions. Art Authority for Mac and Art Authority for iPhone bring similar functionality to these Apple devices.

We-Envision is an innovative collaboration of two separate software companies (Open Door Networks and Project A). The mission of We-Envision.com is the design, development and deployment of the best independent software solutions for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.



Fun with Art Authority: Trivia #2

The images below are all screenshots from Art Authority for iPad. Examine these five works of art and see if you can determine which piece is definitely not from the Renaissance period.  

Leave your answer or best guess in the comments section below. Additionally, you can enter to win an iTunes gift card by tweeting your guess.  Be sure mention the Twitter handle, @art_authority, somewhere in the body of your tweet.  

By the way, you can easily create your own unique trivia questions with the Art Authority app. Send us your trivia questions, and we’ll even feature them on our ‘Fun with Art Authority’ series.

Share all your triva, app feedback, and any other insights or scholarly articles you have written by emailing mica at artauthority.net. 


Screenshot 1



Screenshot 2



Screenshot 3



Screenshot 4



Screenshot 5



Answer now available here: https://artauthority.net/answer-to-fun-with-art-authority-trivia-2




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